Date: April 16, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Numbers 11:1-15 |

A Heavy Heart

  • The cause of the heavy heart
    • The Christian life is a life of conflict, not comfort
  • The complication of a heavy heart
    • Moses had a heavy heart for a very long time
    • God doesn't plan for us to carry a burden too heavy for us
  • The cure for a heavy burden
    • We should take it to the LORD
    • God's work must be done with His help

A Heartfelt Honesty

  • Not all complaining is not the same
    • Moses was crying to God, not against God
    • Complaining can be an expression of grief, not finding fault and finding resentment
      • The right kind of complaining brings relief
  • Not all of our requests are granted
    • Moses was fed up with the people's sin and he prayed for God to take his life

A Heavenly Help

  • God's presence
    • What more can we want in times of trouble?
    • God's presence came down to Moses
  • God's provision
    • God provides encouragement
  • God's plan
    • God did not take away the problem
    • When times are tough, we are not excused from our responsibilities
  • God's power
    • God can reach down and meet our needs
    • Moses saw God's power after he obeyed