Date: November 8, 2020 ()

Bible Text: John 7 |

The Christian has a fens perennis within him.  The men of the world borrow all their joy from without.  Joy wholly from without is false, precarious and short.  Like gathered flowers, though fair and sweet for a season, it must soon wither and become offensive.  Joy from within is more sweet and fair, and I must add that it is immortal. - H. G. Salter

  • The Desire - "If any man thirst"
    • Its Properties
    • Its Prevalence
      • Thirst is to everybody
  • The Decision - "Let him Come"
    • It is very Comprehensive
    • It is Conditional
    • It is Continual
  • The Determination - "Drink; He that believeth"
  • The Demand - "Flow rivers of living waters"
    • The Fullness of Christ
    • The Satisfaction in Christ
    • The Supply of the Spirit

Jesus stood and cried.  It was the last opportunity, hence the urgency.  Surely we ought to entreat Him to let us come.  Instead of that we are callous.  When a man has charity to give does he entreat people to accept it? How strange that you should be so unwilling and Christ so anxious! - C. H. Spurgeon