Date: August 2, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Isaiah 26:3-4 |

A study of Isaiah 24-26

Opening thoughts: In our text this evening, we find that God promises peace. We can have peace not just by getting away from our phone, irritating circumstances, etc… Is it possible to be at peace during turmoil and stress?

Answer the following questions? Here are the four possible responses: Never, seldom, frequently or constantly.
1. How often do you worry?
2. How often are you at peace with others?
3. How often do you remain peaceful in times of trouble?

I. Trust in God’s care

II. Trust in God’s purpose

How do we gain God’s purpose?
A. Our mind is s__________ on God, 26:3
B. Our trust is r________ on God, 26:3-4
C. Our w_________ is for God’s leading, 26:8
D. Our d________ is towards God, 26:9
E. Our seeking is e______ and in p_________, 26:9&20

III. Trust in God’s word

“If my life is to be steadied, there must be not only a strong hand at the tiller, but some outward object which shall be the point of rest.”
– Alexander Maclaren

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