Date: November 1, 2020 ()

Bible Text: John 1 |

  • The holy preparations
    • The bad Circumstances
      • The wicked Herod
      • The corrupt priesthood
    • The good heritage
      • His saintly parents
      • His separation
  • His honest preaching
    • To preach repentance of sin
    • To preach vanity of religion
  • His heavenly purpose
    • To point others to Christ
    • To reveal the hate of Israel's heart
  • His humble imperfection

Questions to consider as we look at the life of John Baptist

  • Are you relying on something other than Christ and the repentance of your sin to be saved?
  • Have you become discouraged because of the times, thinking that God cannot bring revival to this land?
  • Are you willing to be out of the "limelight" to accomplish God's purpose?
  • Are you hungry for the Spirit of God's working in our midst?



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