Lesson 9: Methods of Incorrect Discipline

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February 13, 2020

Lesson 9: Methods of Incorrect Discipline

Repeating Instructions

  • Subtle signs that parents "finally mean business"
  • Condition children to respond to your calm voice, rather than have to fly into rage
  • People respond to warnings at the degree they believe them
  • Repeated instructions are training them to never listen to you

Making threats

  • Few parents find pleasure in carrying out disciplinary consequences, some goad their children with threats of impending doom
  • Making threats is the sign of a lazy parent
  • Going through with discipline shows the child they are worth your attention and time

Bribing for obedience

  • Bribes are given to motivate or buy favor, (Different than rewards)

Allowing excuses

  • There are no good reasons for disobedience [true emergencies are exceptions]
  • Don't put yourself in you children's place: Don't make excuses for them before the children can give account for themselves
  • Always back authority as a parent, take up your cause with them privately later in the right spirit

Tricking or Manipulating

  • Don't make a game of chores and jobs to get your kids to do them


  • It may be a quick way to settle a child down, but does not address the problem


T - teaching should be emphasized rather than tormenting

R - responsibility should be developed, and rebellion squashed

A - authority should be united, bad attitudes in parenting avoided

I - independence should be formed, but impetuous and impulsive behavior should not be tolerated

N - never underestimate the power of God in your home

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