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  • Description
    • They are the second largest cat after the tiger
  • Their Roar
    • Can be heard from up to five miles away
    • Used to:
      • Proclaim territory (normally around 100 square miles)
      • Drive prey
  • Hunting
    • They have a 50% success rate
    • Mainly the lionesses do the hunting but the males will hunt from time to time
    • Spend around 20 hours a day resting and basking in the sun and only 4 hours a day hunting
    • They do most of their hunting during the night
    • They can run around 50 mph but lack stamina
  • Parts they play in certain Bible stories
    • In Samson's riddle
    • How David trained to face Goliath
    • Found that Daniel had too much backbone
    • He was off to such a good start until he became "too big for his britches"
  • Persons Associated
    • The righteous person (as bold as a lion) - Proverbs 28:1
    • The Devil (as a roaring lion) - I Peter 5:8
    • The Lord (Lion of the Tribe of Judah) - Revelations 5:5; Genesis 49:9

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