Date: November 22, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Acts 16 |

Thought: Romans 1 tells us what is one of the core problems of man –neither were thankful! The unregenerate man is an unthankful person.


  • The depressing situation
    • The Devil’s destruction
    • The danger of materialism

Matthew Henry: “The priests hated the gospel because it turned men from the blind service of dumb idols, and so the hope of their gains was gone.”

    • The doom of the preachers
  • The determined service
    • The unusual hour of prayer—midnight
    • The unusual place of praise—a prison
    • The unusual participants of the service-Paul and Silas in the stocks.
    • The unusual congregation—the prisoners in their cells
  • The desirable solution
    • The miraculous deliverance



Are you unregenerate?  What does this mean? You have never come to understand the blessings of salvation.  You have never tasted salvation.  Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good. What are you complaining about in your service to the Lord?

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