Date: August 16, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Jeremiah 38 |

Sinking in the Mire
Jeremiah 38

Opening thought: The prophet Jeremiah had been obedient to the call of God upon his life. He had been faithful to preach the message that God wanted him to preach and now Jeremiah finds himself standing in the bottom of a pit looking up at the blue sky overhead wondering where he had gone wrong. Have you ever been there? The bottom of a pit, looking up, sinking in mire wondering how your world had fallen out from beneath you?

I. A study of the word "mire"

  1. Mire, 8
  2. Clay, 3
  3. Dirt, 2
  4. The slough of despond

II. The sources of mired living

  1.  The mire of unbelief
  2.  The mire of sin
  3. The mire of suffering

III. The solution to miry circumstances

  1. Christ is the answer
  2. “The Solid Rock” – A hymn story
  3. Helps for resting on Christ
    1. For salvation: John 24
    2. For sin: Romans 6, 8; Hebrews 4
    3. For suffering: Philippians 1:6


Stress Test

By Deborah Ann

Today God gave me,
a spiritual stress test
to see if my soul . . .
could remain at rest.

So He sent to me,
a hand-wringing situation
to see if my heart . . .
could handle the agitation.

He wanted to know,
how I would proceed
whether if to the strain
I’d win or would concede.

It took all of His strength,
for me not to succumb
for I knew I could trust Him
with the power to overcome.

Today God sent to me,
a test that was stressing
but I’m happy to say . . .
I’m patiently resting!

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