Date: August 29, 2021 ()

Bible Text: Revelation 2-3 |


The Seven Churches of Asia

The Church of Philadelphia

  1. The Chronology of the Church
    • They were a church of survivors
    • This church is not mentioned anywhere else in Scripture
    • One of the longest lasting churches of Asia
  2. The Commendations to the Church
    • They took advantage of the open doors of service, Revelation 3:8
    • They kept God's Word, Revelation 3:8
    • They stayed faithful to trials, Revelation 3:9
  3. The Condemnations to the Church
    • The church was faithful, even though they had little strength
    • Besides the church of Smyrna, this church is the only other church without any condemnations mentioned
  4. The Challenge to the Church
    1. Rescue, Revelation 3:10
    2. Relief, Revelation 3:11
    3. Recognition, Revelation 3:12

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