Date: August 24, 2023 ()

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The Disciplined use of our time

  • Use time wisely because the Days are evil
  • It is the only preparation for Eternity
  • Time is short, our life is brief
  • Time is passing
  • Remaining time is uncertain
  • Time lost cannot be regained
  • You are accountable to God for you time
  • It is so easily lost
  • The time to value time is now; time is valued at death
  • Time is valued in eternity

The disciplined use of our money

Money shows us who we are and what we value

  • God owns everything you own, we are managers
  • Giving is an act of worship
  • Giving reflects faith in God's provision
  • Giving should be sacrificial and generous
  • Giving reflects spiritual trustworthiness
  • Should be a result of love, not law
  • Give willingly, thankfully, and cheerfully
  • Giving can be an appropriate response to real needs
  • Giving should be planned and systematic
  • Generous giving results in bountiful blessing

We give to the extent we trust God to provide for us

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