Date: July 9, 2020 ()

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Chapters 1-13 Review

Chapter 1: Conspiracy and the Brimstone (the battle plan)

Chapter 2: A Summons to Mansoul (getting the leadership's attention)

Chapter 3: The First Assault (Diabolus takes the city...or rather...)

Chapter 4: Another Administration (alterations to the leadership)

Chapter 5: The Politics of Diabolus (Diabolus strengthens his hold)

Chapter 6: Diabolus Finds Support in Mansoul (Mansoul readies itself for King Shaddai to come)

Chapter 7: Shaddai's Army Approaches: Moment of Confrontation

Chapter 8: War: Moment of Decision

Chapter 9: Shaddai's Forces Repulsed: Moment of Struggle

Chapter 10: Emmanuel Enters the Fray

Chapter 11: Negotiations

Chapter 12: Surrender and Salvation

Chapter 13: Emmanuel's Reception in Mansoul

Tonight's Lesson

Chapter 14: Trial and Executions

Chapter 15: The Glory Days

Chapter 16: Mansoul Led Into Folly

Chapter 17: A Prophet at the Party

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