Date: March 12, 2023 ()

Bible Text: Isaiah 45:21-24 |


Be saved!

  • From what?
    • Our sin
    • God's wrath
  • How?
    • See your sin
    • Notice that you are not worthy of heaven
    • Call on the name of the Lord
  • The Christian's message (we as Christians have a responsibility)
    • We are to go into all the world
    • We are to be witnesses to the end of the world
    • God wants all to hear the message of salvation
      • How will they hear if we are not speaking out about the Gospel of salvation?
  • Outreach
    • We are not called to just our hometowns
    • We are also called to reach the lost in the areas surrounding us
  • What should we do as church members?
    • Pray
    • Give
    • Go

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