Date: December 12, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Galatians 4:4-5; Ruth 3 |

Lessons from Ruth's redemption

The Approach to Redemption

She had to go to the threshingfloor

  • To the right one
  • Required action

Had to come herself

  • Mom couldn't go for her
  • She understood her place (came humbly)

The Appeal of Redemption

  • His job was well done
  • Total reliance

The Answer of Redemption

  • She had worries, no right to ask
  • He had no hesitance, gave an immediate answer
  • He had already decided.  Salvation is already decided.  We ask, the answer is yes!

The Act of Redemption

  • Boaz first had to satisfy the requirements of the law
  • To purchase salvation, somebody had to die.
  • Christ came at Christmas to pay that price for us!

It was a one-sided work

  • Boaz had to put life on hold to take care of her, would not rest until he had finished.
  • Christ came and finished what He came to do.
  • She was an outsider, nobody, but then Boaz redeemed her.  We are the same, but Jesus redeemed us!

Her Past was forgotten

Her Future was changed

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