Date: January 31, 2021 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 22 |

Character study –Abraham

Opening Thought: Temptations come from within a man; we see this explained to us in James 1:12-16. Trials or tests come from God and are made to mature a growing believer.

  • A Picture of Surrender in Faith
    • Faith Learns to Obey - Genesis 22:2-3
    • Faith Rests on God’s Goodness- Genesis 22:4-5
    • Faith Depends on God’s Provision - Genesis 22:6-8
    • Faith Persists in Doing Right - Genesis 22:9-10
  • A Picture of Salvation through Faith
    • The Father and Son acted together.
    • The Son had to be sacrificed.
    • The Son bore the burden of sin.
    • The Son was raised from the dead.
“My Lord gives me unlimited credit at the Bank of Faith.”
- C. H. Spurgeon

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