Date: January 31, 2021

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For episode 46 of the "50 Baptist You Should Know" Series, we will discuss the ministry of Tom Malone.

Tom Malone accepted the Lord as his personal savior as a nineteen year-old young man. From that moment, Tom knew the Lord was calling him to preach.

For his training, Tom attended the newly started Bob Jones College.  In addition to his textual studies, Tom Malone was working to reach souls for Christ through his soul-winning efforts.

Upon graduation from Bob Jones, Tom took two small churches in the Detroit, MI area.  Later, he founded the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Pontiac, MI.

Throughout his ministry, he preached in many of the largest Baptists churches throughout our nation.

The most notable mark of Tom Malone's ministry was his unending soul-winning efforts.

Listen along as we discuss how God used the ministry of Tom Malone.