Date: January 12, 2020 ()

Bible Text: Genesis 13-14 |

Vexing our Righteous Souls

Subtitle: Sin in the life of Lot

Genesis 19 / 2 Peter 2


It is hard to imagine Lot as a saved individual after reading of the debauchery putridness of Lot’s life at the end of Genesis 19.  However, we read the passage in 2 Peter and we have the Divine answer.  We believe all Scripture is inspired and profitable so this example of a believer’s demise into sin is given for our admonition.  May it be that tonight as we consider the sordid story of Lot and the sin of Sodom that it would make us again scared and leery of letting sin become comfortable in our lives. I know as I studied the passages, it made me consider my own heart and life to see if I have become comfortable with habits and sins that could lead to a later destruction in my own life.

  1. Sin develops warped priorities (Genesis 19:1-8)
  2. Sin will ruin your Christian testimony (Genesis 19:12-14)
  3. Sin will become habits of life (Genesis 19:15-16)
  4. Sin will never be satisfied (Genesis 19:1-8; 19:18-20)
  5. Sin will ruin your family (Genesis 19:26; 19:32-35)
    •  Warning to spouse’s - Don’t be the spouse that is leading the other spouse to stay in sin.  The longing towards Sodom which represents fleshly desires fulfilled is in us all. We must be strong and godly and refrain from having a marriage that is carnal and fleshly.  Be working towards spirituality in your home.
    •  Warning to children - The seed of Lot would be a blight on the children of Israel even until now. The offspring of this horrible act would be two boys, Moab and Benammi.  These would be the father of 2 nations that would bring death and destruction upon the children of Israel for generations.  If you look just a little later in the OT, you can find these two nations giving the Israelites heartache – the Moabites and the Ammonites.
    • Judges 3:13-14

Know this!! that if you allow sin to dwell and remain in your family, it will bring heartache not just in this generation, but in generations to come.



Oh, may it be a reminder tonight to us to not allow even a single little sin to stay comfortable in our lives.  I understand that we will not be perfect and we will sin.  Thus, we must come to God and pray and confess our sins daily before our God.


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