Date: September 8, 2019 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 1:1-6 |

A study of Psalm 1

We all make choices throughout our day. May it be that as we consider this Psalm this morning that we will learn to make wise choices.

I. The Way of the Righteous

  • The conduct of the righteous
  • The character of the righteous
    • His delight
    • His thoughts
  • The condition of the righteous
    • A life that is fed & refreshed
    • A life that is vigorous & productive
    • A life that is successful & prosperous

II. The Way of the Wicked

  • The character of the wicked
    • His ways are wicked
    • His thoughts are wicked
  • The condition of the wicked

Conclusion: Have you chosen the pathway of the Righteous? Not making a choice will result in you choosing the wicked path. We are all sinners, Rom. 3:10&23, but we can through Christ’s sacrifice choose to have salvation today.


By Deborah Ann

Every day we make choices,
what to eat, to wear, to do
everyday there are options
God places in front of you.

Every day there are decisions,
influencing our daily life
some will bring endless joy
others only eternal strife.

Every day we can pick out,
which path or road to take
some are straight and narrow
others lead to the wide gate.

Every day we need to select,
where to lay up our treasure
each new day we need to fix on
what will bring God pleasure.

Every day we make choices,
some we win, some we lose
every day there are options
will it be Jesus, whom we choose?

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