Have You Ever Wondered What a Baptist Believes?

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We're taking this acrostic, B- A- P- T- I- S-T, to review and summarize Baptist distinctives. The “B” stands for the Bible as our only rule for faith and practice.  Of course, thinking about next year's preaching conference and that theme of, “A Chosen Generation. ”  Timeless truths of separation. Timeless truths of separation? Here is a big problem with a Christian school or a college.   Here's a big problem. That school or college gets to create a handbook. Has to really create a handbook, doesn't it? If it's going to have any order.  And in that handbook, there [...]

Have You Ever Wondered Where Man Came From?

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This article was taken from a class session by Mrs. Jennifer Wright, professor of Biology at Fairhaven Baptist College. This lecture is called, Human Origins.   There are, obviously, two views of human origins.  What do you think the two views are based on? Evidence or paradigm?   It's based on your paradigm. If you are a creationist, you have one view of human origins and you're most likely not going to be swayed to the other.  If you're an evolutionist, you have another view of human origins and you probably won't be swayed the other way, either. Because origins is [...]

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