The Oetmans – January 2021

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May I share a few notes of praise with you?  In late December, Brenda, Amanda, and Matthew finally received visas!  We have been praying and working toward that since they arrived back in Seoul in August.  It was not really in doubt that they would receive visas since they were only applying for dependent status under my visa which is good until March 2022.  To continue reading the update from Robert Oetman, please click on the link below. The Oetmans - January 2021

The Oetmans – October 2020

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What a year!  In June, I returned to Seoul after a year of furlough.  It was wonderful visiting many of the faithful churches that have partnered with us through the years as we have tried to reach Korean people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to establish independent Baptist churches.  We praise God that we were also able to visit many new churches and share with them our burden and vision.  To continue reading the update from Robert Oetman, please click on the link below. The Oetmans - October 2020

The Oetmans – March 2020

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On January 17, I returned to Seoul to oversee our church's move to a different location.  It is quite an undertaking to move a church!  It was a blessing to see how hard our leadership and members worked in preparation of that move while I was away!  Praise God the move went very smoothly. To continue reading the update from Rob Oetman, please click the link below. The Oetmans - March 2020

The Oetman Family

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In February, I made another trip to the Philippines to speak in a few churches that I wasn't able to visit when Brenda and I went there in December.  The day after I arrived, I was invited to preach to around 800 police officers and recruits with our missionary Pastor Roland Vicente.  Brother Vicente is a retired Brig. General in the Philippine National Police.  God worked in a mighty way during that service. To continue reading the update from Rob Oetman serving in Korea, please click the link below: Rob Oetman Family

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