The Rardins – March 2021

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We are so thankful that since February 21, we have been able to meet in our church again. We are also thankful that we were able to meet for six weeks in the social hall rented by our mission.  Since returning to services in our building, our attendance has gone up to 176 despite not running our buses and having about 50 members still not attending because of Covid.  We are still having two services, but if all the adults were together, every seat in the auditorium would be filled. To continue reading the update from Clint Rardin, please click the [...]

The Rardins – August 2020

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The last two weeks we have seen our church attendance get up to about two thirds of what it was before Covid (167 this week).  We are not running the buses currently, although several of the families from the routes are coming.  The families of the most physically vulnerable as well as several doctors and nurses in our church still have not returned to church (about 70 people). To continue reading the update from Clint Rardin, please click the link below. The Rardins - August 2020

The Rardin Family

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God has been blessing with two new ministries that we have begun these last couple of months.  In our new RU addiction recovery program, Todos Transformados, we have seen an average of almost 30 students every Friday and, after nine weeks, we have had only one Friday with no new visitors.  Several of the new students have attended or are still attending our church every Sunday.  The program is now being advertised on the radio once a week.  We hope to see some come to the RU program through that medium as well. To continue reading the latest update from Clint [...]

The Rardins – Mexico

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We have been back in Mexico City a little over five weeks, and our church is going strong with a full auditorium on Sunday mornings and good attendances in the evening and midweek services.  Brother Oscar did a good job preaching during our absence and has one more year of training in the Bible Institute.   About an average of 15 people are going out knocking on doors on Saturday mornings and another 15 on Tuesday nights are passing out tracts to the Jews in Polanco.  Others visit on the routes on Saturday. Click the link below to continue reading the latest [...]

The Rardin Family in Mexico

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September 4, 2018 Dear Praying Friends, This last Saturday evening we arrived in Mexico City after a year-long, pleasant furlough.  Rhonda, my wife, came down with shingles the last two weeks of our travels. This was very difficult for her, but she is feeling better.  Please continue to pray for her. We returned to a strong church with a great attendance of 226 this last Sunday and fifteen people participating on our Tuesday night Jewish Outreach.  That evening I was able to visit in the home of a new Jewish contact named Nathan who has already attended our church once in [...]

Missions Emphasis

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Last week was Missions Emphasis at Fairhaven Baptist Church & College.  We were blessed to have two missionaries with us.  Dan ('97) and Beth (Crego '89) Canavan have been missionaries to Ireland for the past 19 years, and Clint ('94) and Rhonda (Proctor '90) Rardin have been serving in Mexico City for over 20 years.  Please pray not only for these families as they serve on the foreign field but also for others to answer God's call to go to the mission field.  Enjoy a video update from each of these missionaries below.  You can listen to Clint Rardin's sermon here [...]

Mexico Missions Trip

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A group consisting of several high school seniors, college students, and church members returned last week from a missions trip to Mexico City.  They spent many days serving with Missionary Clint Rardin ('94) through witnessing, maintenance projects, Bible clubs, services, a children's ministry workshop, and college classes.  Praise the Lord for His working in the lives of the people in Mexico as well as in the lives of those who went.  To see more pictures, click here or on the picture below.

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