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The Ashleys

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Paul's desire was to go to new lands that had not been evangelized.  His view of evangelism was to establish a solid, indigenous church rather than mass evangelism.  He would return after his first imprionment back to those very churches that he had established because they were struggling.  To continue reading the update from Gary Ashley, please click the link below. The Ashleys

The Gordons

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These past weeks, our Lord has given us several means with which to challenge God's people in the area of prayer for laborers.  His harvest fields are in greater need of believers to go far and near.......  To continue reading the update from Pat Gordon, please click the link below. The Gordons

Couriers for Christ – May 2019

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In our April newsletter, I mentined that we were planning to load a container on Wednesday, March 27.  We will be loading it at Berean Baptist Church in Adrian, Michigan, during the Wings Bearing Precious Seed regional conference.   To continue reading the update from Couriers please click on the link below. Couriers for Christ - May 2019

The Lewis Family

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Missionaries to the U.S. Military in South Korea I am truly sorry for being so behind on getting out a prayer letter.  Time sometimes just gets away from me.  We've had a pretty rought start to this year in a physical sense.  I started the year with Bronchitis that seemed like it was never going away...  Please click the link below to continue reading the update from David and Joy Lewis. The Lewis'

Dan Gardner – Japan

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It has been a busy spring already with driving, flying and meetings.  The end of February and first of March we were in Pennsylvania.  It snowed every day we were there, and we had to drive through the snow for one of our meetings.  In one of our services there was a lady who got saved for whom the church had been praying for a long time. To continue reading the latest update from Dan Gardner please click the link below. Dan Gardner - Japan

The Boots Family

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Words can hardly express our excitement at being able to rent a church building and renovate it. God has already blessed after only being in here for a couple weeks, and we very optimistic at how God will use this building as a tool for His glory. I have included some pictures of the auditorium. If you would like some more pictures of other parts of the building that were renovated, I can certainly send them to you. Thank you so much to all those who worked and gave toward this project. And to those who were not able to give [...]

The Hardecker Family – Philippines

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The Lord has blessed us with numerous special meetings (a two-day neighborhood Bible club; a Friday night "Meet and Greet" between Pastor Ross and some of our people; a Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting and Lord's Supper). You should hear the testimonies shared between recently saved converts and older Christians. All public testimonies shared were about how the Lord Jesus Christ saved each individual, and nothing beats the Devil like a believer's word of testimony! Never was the song: "Saved By the Blood" sung with more genuineness and blessed feeling and by more grateful hearts than what is being done in our [...]

The Halls in Australia

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Our move from Taree to Nowra was like most moves one might consider.  On the Taree side things started with a daunting task, a few tears, lots of prayer, much sweat, and inflated expenses.  On the Nowra side six hours south of Taree, it all ended with more sweat, answered prayers, God's wondrous intervention, Heaven-sent helpers, the finished job, and grateful hearts! To continue reading the latest prayer letter from Jon Hall, missionary to Australia, please click the link below: Jon Hall April 2019 PDF

The Ingalls Family – Couriers for Christ

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Working Together - What a joy and blessing it is to work together with the BPS Seedline churches!  These photos were provided by Missionary Scott Sandy, director of Northeast Baptist Seedline.  Their network of churches purchased the paper and provided the hands-on labor so that Lithuanians could have a portion of the Word of God.  Thank you for freely providing these scriptures. To continue reading the update from the Ingalls with Couriers for Christ, please click the link below. Couriers for Christ

Harold Pierce – Armed Forces Baptist Mission

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Our family is a thankful recipient of your kindness and love on a continual basis!  The Lord graciously uses your unwavering faith, love for missions, and giving to impact those who have honorably answered our nation's call of military service. To continue reading the update from Harold Pierce of AFBM, please click on the link below: Harold Pierce

Evangelist Rodger Bottrell

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Since our last news letter we have experience the winter of 2019.  This time of year is very hard on a motor home, so we have to head south.  God helps us to win people to the Lord and preach in good churches where the weather is warmer SOMETIMES.  While in Camden, Arkansas, I had the privilege of teaching my Brother-in-law's class where two boys, Isaac and Carson, accepted Christ.  We rejoice to hear they weree baptized shortly after we left Arkansas. To continue reading the update from Evangelist Rodger Bottrell, please click on the link below. Rodger Bottrell

Eli Schrock Family

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In Cambodian culture, young people are generally considered a nuisance, therefore not much effort is put into the training of youth.  While the world neglects these young ones, the Word of God teaches us the value of planting the Seed of the Word of God in tender soil.  How exciting to see these teens open their hearts to the truth: there is only One True God and all other gods cannot compare! To continue reading the update from Eli Schrock in Cambodia, please click the link below: Eli Schrock Family

The Oetman Family

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In February, I made another trip to the Philippines to speak in a few churches that I wasn't able to visit when Brenda and I went there in December.  The day after I arrived, I was invited to preach to around 800 police officers and recruits with our missionary Pastor Roland Vicente.  Brother Vicente is a retired Brig. General in the Philippine National Police.  God worked in a mighty way during that service. To continue reading the update from Rob Oetman serving in Korea, please click the link below: Rob Oetman Family

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