Mexico City Update – June 2017

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Dear Praying Friends, So much has happened since I last wrote.  First of all, I have some sad news.  As those who receive our updates know, Daniel Juarez, one of our students in the Bible Institute, passed away at 23 years of age in March. Danny was one of the most spiritual and sincere Christians I have known.  Because of his constant battles with his kidneys (he was on dialysis 10 hours a day), he had stared death in the face many times and knew his time could be short.  Because of this, he tried to live life to the fullest [...]

Mexico City Update May 2017

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Dear Praying Friends. Thank you so much for praying for Kid's Day.  God answered all of our prayers with a great attendance and souls saved.  We broke our attendance record with 417 testing the capacity of our building with 220 adults and 197 children, in spite of a three-day weekend (May Day is Mexico's Labor Day).  Ten adults were dealt with at the invitation and made a decision as well as 16 children in junior church.  We had 243 on the routes. It was great to see Estela, who was saved with her husband Marcelo in church a couple of months [...]

Mexico City Update

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Dear Friends, This summer has been full of blessings.  At the beginning, we baptized Rosa and Elizabeth, a woman and her teenage granddaughter who were saved this spring.  Also this summer, Martina, a military wife for whose salvation we had been praying for months, was saved and baptized. Lazaro and Abigail were married last summer, and last month we received this young couple into our church membership.  Abigail is the sister of one of the soldiersʼ wives in our church.  Abigail’s niece was saved at the youth conference we attended this last spring.  Lazaro and his wife go visiting on Tuesdays [...]

Mexico City Update

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We had a very good spring evangelistic campaign with souls saved, baptized, and continuing to grow in the Lord. Although we did not meet our goal of 400 on Kid’s Day, the first day of the campaign, we did break our attendance record again with 392.  Our routes brought in 207, and we had 208 adults and 184 children.  It was nice to know that we have a comfortable capacity of 180 in the auditorium.  Of the 48 first-time, adult visitors, 14 adults came forward to accept Christ, and one woman who would not leave her baby to go to the [...]

Mexico City Update

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Dear Praying Friends, We had a very good Kid's Day.  Although we did not meet our goal of 400, we did break our attendance record again with 392.  Our routes brought in 207 and we had 208 adults and 184 children.  It was nice to know that we have a comfortable capacity of 180 in the auditorium. Many people come to Kid's day thinking that it will be a big fiesta in spite of us being a church.  In the adult Sunday school hour, I could see a restlessness among the people.  In fact, two families of 11 people left between [...]

Prayer Letter From the Truitts

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Greetings in Jesus' Name from Chuck and Linda Truitt, Today is a milestone for Linda and me, it marks 33 years that we have been missionaries with BIMI (Baptist International Missions, Inc.).  I recall very well when we met with the BIMI board there on the Campus of TTU, above the mail room, there in Chattanooga, TN.  I'm looking (in my minds eye) at Drs. Tom Freeny, Jim Kennard, Don Sisk, Leroy Perry, Lee Roberson, and J.R. Faulkner.  Linda and I were absolutely certain that we were in the center of God's Perfect Will.  We've spent over half of our lives [...]

Whitecar October 2014 Update

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Dear Friends, One of our most important ministries is our youth group. We have been blessed with a good group of teenagers who are exciting to watch as they grow in the Lord. Our teens actually comprise a very large part of our church, and the number of them that are dedicated to following God is growing. It is our goal and our hope to build a strong church for years to come with the teenagers God has given today. Seeing this great responsibility we have been given, it is our goal to see these teens develop habits and standards that [...]

Eckels in Australia

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Dear Pastor, Church Family, and Praying Friends, Furlough Highlights… It is hard to believe our furlough is over, it went so fast. We are back in Australia, back in our own home. We lived out of suitcases for 10 months. We were full on from almost the moment we touched down in Indiana.  By God’s grace and the prayers of the saints we were able to be in 65 churches of which all but 4 were supporting churches. We traveled over 30,000 miles with no accidents, not even a flat tire. We survived the polar vortex with temps of – 12 [...]

Mongolia Update

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Hello, We have had good attendance this winter in children's church.  Last year attendance dropped off and didn't pick up until summer.  This year the kids are coming faithfully, so we are thankful for that.  We just started a new "primary department" for kids 3-6 years old.  One of our ladies and Maggie are running that. Some you know Eebee, who has been in America for the last six years.  She is back with us now and being a big help.  We are thankful to have her back. Our teens are doing well also.  Attendance averages a little over ten on [...]

Eckels in Australia

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Dear Pastor Furlough Highlights… It is hard to believe we are at the half way mark. We have traveled over 12,429 ministry miles and been in 40 churches with 25 to go. We thank God most of our supporting churches are in the East Coast. We are hoping and praying for new meetings and new support. We will be leaving to go back to Australia January 27th 2014. We are excited to get back to the work the Lord has called us to. We have many plans for our next term with another church plant and an outback ministry to reach [...]

Ruppels in Cambodia

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Dear Friends, Today, New Hope Baptist Church purchased an empty piece of property for $44,000 in which we are planning to use one day for our ministry in Phnom Penh.  This was a huge step for our people. Together the wonderful people of New Hope Baptist Church gave sacrificially to this project while continuing to meet their budget for regular expenses.  Of course, we could never have purchased this property without the generous gifts of three churches; $12,000 from our home church and $3000 from two other supporting churches. Thank you all for praying for our ministry.

Truitts in Italy

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27 June 2013 Greetings in Jesus' Name from Italy, Here in Lago Patria (Naples) I am once again teaching through The Revelation of Jesus Christ; I’ve taught it on Okinawa, and in Germany, but this is the first time here in Italy. Presently, I’ve just finished Chapter 17, and teaching about the Apostate Church that will not be apart of the RAPTURE when true believers out of churches everywhere will be taken out of this world! Some assemblies called churches on earth will be attended the very Sunday following the rapture, as if nothing has happened. I’m living in an area [...]

Ruppel Report

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Dear Friends, Thank you so much for all of your prayers for Cho Won's family.  I was able to attend a funeral service for the four who died on Friday morning at 9AM.  This funeral was in Korean, but someone translated into English for about 10 of us. There was at least one more funeral in English that one of our people went to. The two surviving children are still alive.  They have very serious head injuries and the oldest girl lost one of her arms. I was mistaken in the last letter about where they are being treated.  They are [...]

Ruppel Report

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About 5 months ago, a very precious Korean missionary family walked into our Sunday morning service.  They were living in a rented house just behind the church.  Cho Won (my spelling) had been a pastor in Korea before giving his life to be a missionary in Cambodia.  He and his wife were in language school.  We were not able to communicate in English much at all, but as their Khmer continued to improve so did our communication.  They have four children, ages 2-12.  They were using our church services to help them learn Khmer Bible words and Khmer Christian songs.  Sakaun and Wang encouraged them in both the [...]

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