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The Hardecker Family – July 2019

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Praise God for answered prayers.  We asked the Lord to do something that only He can do in the physical bodies of certain believers and God graciously blessed us.  Because of this, we are rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord.   To continue reading the update from Bill Hardecker, please click on the attached link. The Hardeckers - July 2019

The Hardecker Family – Philippines

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The Lord has blessed us with numerous special meetings (a two-day neighborhood Bible club; a Friday night "Meet and Greet" between Pastor Ross and some of our people; a Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting and Lord's Supper). You should hear the testimonies shared between recently saved converts and older Christians. All public testimonies shared were about how the Lord Jesus Christ saved each individual, and nothing beats the Devil like a believer's word of testimony! Never was the song: "Saved By the Blood" sung with more genuineness and blessed feeling and by more grateful hearts than what is being done in our [...]

The Hardeckers

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Hardecker Headlines Two years ago our Children's Sunday School class consisted of four children (and two of them were ours).  We average 60+ between the girls class and the boys class.  Additionally, we also now have a Jr. Church ministry during the morning service. To continue reading the update from Bill Hardecker in the Philippines, please click the link below: The Hardecker Family

Andrew Guerrero – Philippines

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We pray this letter finds you in the best of physical and spiritual strength.  Thank you for always keeping the Philippines in your prayers.  We look forward to once again witness the Lord's goodness and blessing this new year. To continue reading the update from Pastor Joey Andrew Guerrero, please click the link below. Andrew Guerrero Family  

Hardeckers in the Philippines – August 2018

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Dear Praying Friends, The fellowship of the believers in Tuktukan is growing. We are seeing souls saved and they are proving faithful. It is a joy to see conversions, and a double joy to see them move onto discipleship. God's mandate (Matt. 28:16-20) is not an option, but at the same time where He commands us we may expect to have His assistance. God always supplies us with grace commensurate to the trials and testings. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers and faithful, sacrificial giving. Your Missionary because of Jesus, Bro. Bill Hardecker Hardecker Headlines Aug 2018