The Rardins – March 2021

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We are so thankful that since February 21, we have been able to meet in our church again. We are also thankful that we were able to meet for six weeks in the social hall rented by our mission.  Since returning to services in our building, our attendance has gone up to 176 despite not running our buses and having about 50 members still not attending because of Covid.  We are still having two services, but if all the adults were together, every seat in the auditorium would be filled. To continue reading the update from Clint Rardin, please click the [...]

The Rardins – March 2020

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From the 18th of January, when we returned from taking three of our kids back to the States to Bible college until the 15th of March, our church has had the best two months of its history.  We have had high days of attendance of up to 255, with many new visitors bouth from the routes and the neighborhood around us, and we are not even in an evangelistic campaign with our buses running the normal averag of about 100. To continue reading the update from Clint Rardin, please click the link below. The Rardins - March 2020

The Rardins – November 2019

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The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad (Psalm 126:3).  This Thanksgiving season, we are rejoicing and giving thanks to God for how good He has been to Liberty Baptist Church here in Mexico City. On November 10, we celebrated the church's fifteenth anniversary.  God has brought us a long way since the church began after a week-long evangelistic meeting with a group of about 35 people meeting in a classroom in the back of a private elementary school.  To continue reading the update from Clint Rardin, please click the link below. The Rardins - November 2019

The Rardins – October 2019

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This summer we had the blessing of taking our second son, Jackson, to Bible college to study for the ministry as well as return our daughter, Kellie, to finish her last year there at Fairhaven Baptist College.  We also were able to visit some churches in the States and we feel privileged to become partners in missions with Lighthouse Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA, as well as Longview Baptist Temple in Texas.  In our absence our church had a back-to-school Sunday with a great summer attendance of 277 with over 150 on the buses, 94 children, and 183 adults. To continue [...]

The Rardins

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This last spring, Pastor Mark Smith of Faith Baptist Church of Tacoma, WA, let me know that they wanted to design and print 75,000 New Testaments for us through the Bible and Literature Missionary Foundation and that they would be ready to ship in August. To continue reading the update for Clint Rardin, please click the link below. The Rardins - August 2019

The Rardin Family

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"Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us" (Ephesians 3:20).  This has been the memory verse for our adult and teen Sunday School classes the last few weeks, and we have seen its truth demonstrated in our services this past spring evangelistic campaign. To continue reading the update from Clint Rardin please click the attached link.  The Rardin Family - June 2019

The Rardin Family

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God has been blessing with two new ministries that we have begun these last couple of months.  In our new RU addiction recovery program, Todos Transformados, we have seen an average of almost 30 students every Friday and, after nine weeks, we have had only one Friday with no new visitors.  Several of the new students have attended or are still attending our church every Sunday.  The program is now being advertised on the radio once a week.  We hope to see some come to the RU program through that medium as well. To continue reading the latest update from Clint [...]

The Rardin Family – November 2018

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This Thanksgiving week, we are praising God for the most successful evangelistic campaign we have ever had.  I attribute it to God's working in the lives of our people and their spiritual growth and maturity in the last couple of years. Click the link below to continue reading the latest update from Clint Rardin. The Rardin Family November 2018 prayer letter

Rardin Family – Mexico

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Dear Praying Friends, We continue to hear good news from Liberty Baptist Church in Mexico City. Since my visit the first Sunday of May, souls have continued to be saved and baptized, including Laura, who our newly saved and baptized pharmacist, Jose Luis, had invited a couple of weeks ago. Our entire family is now traveling this summer visiting churches in the South and Far West.  It will probably be the last time our entire family will be able to spend this much time together.  Our daughter, Kellie, a junior in college, will be continuing her studies in Elementary Education at [...]

Missions Emphasis

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Last week was Missions Emphasis at Fairhaven Baptist Church & College.  We were blessed to have two missionaries with us.  Dan ('97) and Beth (Crego '89) Canavan have been missionaries to Ireland for the past 19 years, and Clint ('94) and Rhonda (Proctor '90) Rardin have been serving in Mexico City for over 20 years.  Please pray not only for these families as they serve on the foreign field but also for others to answer God's call to go to the mission field.  Enjoy a video update from each of these missionaries below.  You can listen to Clint Rardin's sermon here [...]

Mexico City Update

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Dave and Lisa Olson recently traveled to Mexico City to visit one of Fairhaven's missionaries, the Rardin family. Dave is the Director of Missions for Fairhaven Baptist College. The Rardin family (Clint, Rhonda, Elias, Jackson, and Kellie) are missionaries sent out of Fairhaven Baptist Church and have been serving God in Mexico for almost twenty years. Liberty Baptist Church is located very close to the largest military bases in Mexico and near a large shopping center, making it a highly visible location. The Olsons One of the bus routes of Liberty Baptist Church in [...]

Rardin Update

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Dear Praying Friends, We had a good Sunday with 133, several visitors, and one man who came forward and was saved after hearing a message on Living Water for a Thirsty Sinner out of John 4.  Pray for Israel.  His wife just left him taking every thing he had and burning their legal documents.  Valdemar, the bus captain and former Airborne officer in the Mexican army, saw a group of people on Sunday and invited them to board the bus to go to church and they got on and came!  Israel was one of them.  Laura, one of the women that [...]

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