A large part of our youth program is the weekly activities that our teenagers enjoy participating in on Tuesday evenings. These activities are a special time for our teenagers to enjoy fellowship with other like-minded young people. There are a wide variety of activities throughout the year.  Some activities focus on ministering to others, such as: helping the elderly or shut-ins with tasks around their homes, visiting local nursing homes to minister through music, visiting teenagers who are new to our church, and having times of work on our church property. Other activities focus on strengthening their knowledge of the Bible, and encouraging them in their Christian walk. These would include times of teaching on the Bible, encouragement in the ability to defend their beliefs with Scripture, and Bible quizzing competitions. Mixed in with these activities that strengthen their spiritual life are exciting fun activities. Our experienced youth staff enjoy designing their own activities, full of fun games, as well as taking the teenagers to local attractions for a time of refreshment and fun. Each of these fun activities ends with a strong Bible challenge by one of our youth leaders.